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Crash Course in After Christmas Sale Etiquette

The yearly After Christmas Sale is starting soon. Here’s a little reminder on how to avoid acting like an a**hole in the turbulent bargain hunt.

In Sweden, the After Christmas Sale starts as early as around Christmas Eve, 24th of December. So, for all of you last-minute-shoppers, you’re in for a treat! For all you other reasonable planners, it’s in the After Christmas Sale you’ll be making the sweet deal. Whether you’re out to exchange the gift you got from your senile grandma or just swopping for one size bigger so that your post-Christmas love handles can fit in the jeans, here are a few pointers to have in mind. We bring to you: the Crash Course in After Christmas Sale Etiquette*.



Most stores offer Bytesrätt. However, remember that this is voluntary. There’s no rule demanding the stores to have Bytesrätt, so this is the stores’ own choice. Also, you won’t get your money back with Bytesrätt. You can either exchange it to another product or get a Tillgodokvitto.


Öppet Köp

Öppet köp means you’ll get your money back if you don’t want the product. This policy is voluntary by the store as well and nothing they are obliged to have. This is quite straight forward, so just relax, bring the receipt and be nice. And yes, you’ll need to show them the receipt.



Ångerrätt is the Öppet Köp of internet shopping, only that Ångerrätt is obligatory in most of the cases. It doesn’t apply for train/flight tickets, hotels or eatables for example. Look it up!



If there’s something wrong with the product you always have Reklamationsrätt, or the right to complain. In Sweden you’ll have this right for three years after you bought it, in EU it’s two years. If you complain of something, the store always has the option to repair it before giving you a new item in exchange with the faulty one.


Finishing up this story with a few final notes: remember to be nice to each other, that the people working in the stores are human too and to give it one extra think if you really want to buy the stuff or if you’re buying it only because it’s cheap.


Cheer to a balanced and zen After Christmas Sale shopping and exchanging!




*Note. This applies to Swedish rules and etiquette. For y’all international readers we suggest THIS artictle.

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