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Black Friday Weekend Turns Green

Black Friday in media has been so intense this year so we are almost fed up before it even started. However, there is also a counter movement. For 31 years HUI institute of research has announced “Christmas Present of the Year” (Årets julklapp). It usually demonstrates the streams of thoughts and discussions that’s been going on in Sweden the last year and especially the last few months, concentrated in a physical form.

When they announced the 2018 edition the other day, many of us were positively surprised that it turned out to be ‘the recycled garment’.

Motivation in Swedish below:

 “Årets julklapp 2018 – det återvunna plagget – speglar de svenska konsumenternas intresse för nya hållbara alternativ och ökande oro för klimat och miljö.[…]” 



SO, you also want to turn Black Friday Weekend a bit greener? Inspo on weekend activities below.


Green Weekend Fashion Bloppis

The good ol bloppis is back! This time at Skånegatan 68 on Saturday and Sunday. Second hand clothes by some of our most stylish bloggers, writers and influencers. Jonna Bergh, Cissi Forss and Sandta Beijer to name a few. Read more about it here and see you there!


Sellpy Circular Day Nov

Sellpy in collab with Tradera and WWF for a sustainable circular future. Buy second or third and clothes or simply bring a couple of your own and exchange for two other!


Style it Forward

Hungerprojektet is opening up a popup store at Berns on Sunday. Read more about it here.



Happy Green Shopping this Black Friday Weekend!

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