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Crafting Salmon Skin; Fishy, Funky or Fun?

Salmon Skin to replace our future leather wallets? If searching for Salmon Skin on Pinterest, you’ll get 100s of hits of different ways or making use of the fish skin. This is something that people in certain cultures have been doing for centuries. It is, in a way, a sustainable technique of making use of the entire fish by eating the meat and using its skin for crafting products and tools. The skin have shown to have similar attributes as of that from goats and other domestic cattle.


Now, there’s an upward trend in crafting fish skin, especially the ones from the big fatty salmons. So far, the traditional methods of craftsmanship are dominating, yet with a more fashionable and up-to-date design to the small leather goods.

Local produce

One of the local pioneers in the field is Daniel Ankarstrand, running the brand Sibirien Stockholm, named after the part of Stockholm where Daniel lives and operates in a creative collective and co-working space. The skins are either natural or colored. Every piece seen on his webshop has been crafted by the hand of Daniel himself, locally in Stockholm. You’ll find a range of products from card holders to bum bags.


Fashionable everyday gear just got more fun! Salmon skin for the win!

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