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Ear to the Ground -The February Talk of the Town Report

Ear to the Ground: Our new monthly series on what’s the buzzing talk of the town right now. Give it up Stockholm!

The last few weeks have been all about flying, climate change and climate shaming. First out was the admiration and appreciation of the adventures and brilliance of Greta “Pippi Longstockings” Thunberg. Secondly, the rise of the account @aningslosainfluencers that took the Swedes by surprise, and to say the least: bringing mixed feelings into the Social Media ratatouille. Their strategy? To call out influencers traveling by airplane, give constructive comments, and measures of how much that affects the climate. And boy it’s efficient. You can’t really argue with statistics right?


So why influencers and not the big bad companies?

As PR consultant Casper Törnblom wisely put it:

most of them are weather vanes, easy targets that are sensitive to the critique of their followers, yet with a strong power to create a change in perception and behavior”. The big companies will need to follow.


That’s our short summary of the most buzzing conversation that’s been going on in Stockholm the last few weeks. Make sure to follow us for regular updates.

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