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Eating Insects? Our Future Source of Protein?

We’ve all heard about eating insects and maybe even tried it when traveling and exploring other cultures. But are we ready for it here? Sweden, Scandinavia, Europe?

With over 70 million people being born to this world each year, and an estimate of reaching 9 billion people by 2050 we will need to find new ways of making food production more efficient and reduce waste. So the question might rather be ‘Do we even have a choice?’.

Source of Protein

They might not look like much, but insects are actually more nutritious than many of your concentrated pills and dietary supplements. They are high in fat, vitamin, fiber and mineral content, not to forget their protein richness. House crickets contain on average 20% protein, similar to that of beef (25%). Termites contain 64% protein and some other less known species up to 80% protein by weight.

You are already eating insects without knowing it

Yep, we all do. Unintentionally as much as one kilogram a year, as stray fragments wind up in peanut butter, packages of frozen veggies or used as natural food coloring of our precious Swedish lösgodis.

Change in mindset

Our rejection of bugs as food is illogical. There are so many reasons we should change our mindset and stop seeing them as dirty carriers of disease and start embracing them as the sustainable superfood they actually are. And if thinking about it; they are just smaller land borne versions of lobsters, and we love them rolls, don’t we?



The above photo is shot by Kyoko Hamada for The New York Times

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