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eytys x H&M collab

Eytys x H&M Collection Drop Details

Eytys x H&M is the word on everybody’s lips this week. Here’s all you need to know about it.

When the news got out that H&M were collaborating with cult fashion brand Eytys, there were many who could not believe their ears. Eytys, the small norm breaking, 90’s influenced unisex sneaker brand together with the huge commercial business that is H&M.

From a brand strategy point of view? Excellent. The collaboration brings cred to H&M and the feeling of them being totally in tune with their time. Eytys get credibility in another meaning, as in reliability and acknowledgement. And -of course- PR and market penetration.

So how’s the collection?
It’s all about chunky shoes and unisex silouettes. We’ll see new interpretations of some of Eytys’ modern classics such as “Mother”, their first iconic shoe to be made, as well as the chunky “Angel”.


The collection will be available in selected stores as well as online from 24 January. Make sure to log in early as we expect it to sell out quickly.


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