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From Fashionable Podcasters to Clothing Designers

Stockholm’s most fashionable podcast duo turns into clothing designers. We’re talking about the ‘it-girls’ (hello 90s, no, you can’t have your expression back) Fanny Ekstrand and Viola Bergstrand. It all started about a year ago when the two good friends accelerated from Instagram fashionistas to podcasters, hosting the fashionable podcast Add To Bag. Now they’ve teamed up with Swedish/Italian fashion brand AVAVAV. “We went to Italy this fall, drank a lot of wine, ate a lot of pasta and talked about what’s important about fashion. This fairytale resulted in 5 pieces, all very limited edition, all made of deadstock fabrics made in Italy with our baby’s name on it: atb x AV.” sais Fanny Ekstrand on her Instagram.


Go get em goodies before they go out of stock! Full story about the collab in their latest episode of Add To Bag.



Smålandsgatan 20,


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