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GO Diversity! Initiatives for Increasing Visibility of Non-Conformity

We are thrilled to read about initiatives increasing the visibility of non-conformity. The most recent being one by the VICE editor-in-chief Lindsay Schrupp reacting on the lack of diversity in stock photos. Her solution? Creating a stock photo library that includes a variety of images of transgender and non-binary people. They are portrayed in their workplaces, dentals check ups and other situations where you see them live their everyday lives. Find it here: The Gender Spectrum Collection.


Another example of this from our hometurf, Stockholm, is Diversify Your Deck. An initiative by Kellam Communication, aiming to add more diversity and inclusion to their presentations and teaching materials and encouraging others to do the same. Diversify Your Deck is a collection of free stock photos from Unsplash & Pexels, with portraits of people from different backgrounds, with a range of skin colors and body types. “We believe that visual storytelling can help create change. By simply updating habits and workflows we can have a lot of impact on bringing more diversity into our industry” -Lydia Kellam, founder of Kellam Communication. She will curate and update the site continuously, opening it up for anyone who has feedback or ideas to contact her on her Instagram @kellam.co.


Small choices in your everyday work can make a big difference.
Representation matters.

Go Diversity! And you powerhouses changing the status quo!

Header photo by Zackary Drucker for The Gender Spectrum Collection by VICE.

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