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Grammy or Grammis; All You Need to Know

Grammy or Grammis awards was held yesterday in Los Angeles and last week in Sweden. Here’s all you need to know about them.

Grammy or Grammis as we say in Sweden is the yearly major music prize and gala. The prize was established in 1959 in the US and 1969 in Sweden. Their purposes are to celebrate and bring attention to artists and bands that have distinguished themselves in the previous year.

How does Grammy or Grammis work?

The US:

The Recording Academy, an organization of musicians, producers, recording engineers, are the ones qualified to vote. There are four general field categories: Album Of The Year, Record Of The Year, Song Of The Year, and Best New Artist, and 15 additional award categories.


Anyone can vote on the nominations that the jury announce 2 months earlier. This is done by the public through the website as well as by the jury in their secret meetings.


OK that’s cool, but what do we need to know to keep up to date then?

The US:

  • This year’s grammys was hosted by Alicia Keys.
  • Record of the year went to This is America – Childish Gambino
  • Album of the year (not to be mistaken by the previous) went to GOLDEN HOUR – Kacey Musgraves
  • Song of the year went to THIS IS AMERICA Donald Glover, Ludwig Goransson & Jeffery Lamar Williams, songwriters (Childish Gambino)
  • Best new artist went to DUA LIPA

BONUS trivia: Of course we can’t not mention the best rap album of the year (For albums containing at least 51% playing time of new rap recordings.) BOOM! Invasion of Privacy with our favorite Cardi B. The first solo woman to EVER win the grammys award for best rap album. Well-deserved boss B!





  • Album of the year: I’m a Dream – Seinabo Sey
  • Song of the Year: Robyn – Missing you
  • Artist of the year: Z.E
  • Best new artist: Imenella

BONUS trivia: the main star of the evening was really the 91 year-old Gullan Bornemark that got her first ever grammis för her kids album “Mina favoriter” including her top hit “Sudda Sudda” that we all know from our childhood. Watch the ageism about to get crushed!


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