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Grandmaster Flash to Win the Polar Music Prize

Grandmaster Flash to win the 2019 Polar Music Prize did certainly come as a news flash rarely seen.

The Swedish award, founded in 1989 by ABBA-icon Stig Andersson, is considered the music world’s equivalent of the Nobel prize. The hip hop scene is certainly not spoiled with being invited to the crème de la crème, but now it’s finally happening.

Today, Wednesday 13th of February, it was made clear that the Polar Music Prize within the pop cultural genre 2019 goes to Grandmaster Flash.

Grandmaster Flash or Joseph Saddler is known as a DJ and a founding figure in hip hop by the late 70’s. He’s considered to be one of the first people of scratching, punch phrasing and beat juggling live on set.

Our good ol’ King Carl XVI Gustaf will present the 2019 awards at a ceremony and banquet at Stockholm’s Grand Hôtel on 11 June.. Read more about it here.


Here’s a Flash tribute for y’all to celebrate

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