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Kvinnohistoriska Premiere Month 1-31st of March

Kvinnohistoriska or Stockholm Museum of Women’s History is opening up in its full bloom throughout the entire month of March. The museum is located all over Stockholm, in various locations, rather than between 4 walls. As commented by founder and director Lina Thomsgård “trying to fit half of humanity’s history within four walls is impossible”. On the same note “launching a new women’s history museum in one single day is equally unimaginable”, as stated on the website, which is why the opening of the museum is taking place throughout the entire month.

However, one of the main spots and gathering hubs for the museum is at Hökens gata 11 at Södermalm. Open everyday Mon-Fri: 13-20, Sat: 12-17, Sun: 12-16.


Check out their website for full program and more info in detail. We are stunned by this contribution to society!


By giving voice to women of the past, we will open up space for women of the future to be heard.” -Kvinnohistoriska


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