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New Year, New Me! The Extraordinary People Series pt2

An article series featuring people who dare to live differently, taking that step for the extra extra in their lives. Whether it is for an inner drive and passion, their own wellbeing or a higher cause helping others (or all at once), we present to you: the extraordinary people series.

Looking back on 2018 and forward to 2019. On that very tipping point between the old and the new; it’s not difficult to start to think of the past and what have been, as well as what potential changes and improvements to do for the future. For some people it stops there, with thoughts and fantasies of a life a little less ordinary. And possibly strategies on how to do it… but for some reason it never kicks in. Here’s a short article series for the opposites. Of some of the people who have dared to take the road less traveled; Who have had the guts to change and do something differently.


Next up is Romina Moradi, a marketer, artist and entrepreneur who spend most of her time running @justbreasts creating and selling images of breasts designed and printed using water-based paint and fine art paper.



Romina Moradi believes there is a choice in everything you do, and her choice is to leave a mark. With her art she is hoping to inspire others to do the same. In a creative and playful way, Romina reflects the unique and complex difference between women. She defuses the predetermined perception of the female body and presents her artwork for exactly what it is.

She started creating prints many years ago as a way of expressing her feelings. For a long time, she did it on evenings and weekends as an act of mindfulness. This turned into a side hustle as she started earning money from it. It was not until last year it really accelerated for real when Romina Moradi followed her mantra ”It’ll all sort itself out, you’ve just got to dare to try!”. She quit her 9-to-5 as Nordic marketing manager at Vapiano and 1889 Fast Fine Pizza and started working full time with her passion. Wall of Art got their eyes on her and asked her to be a contributor to their collection. This has brought her art into more than 50 homes around Stockholm. And it doesn’t end there. 10% of her profit go straight to the Pink Ribbon Organization for Breast Cancer awareness and prevention.


Cheers to that Romina! You’re a true inspiration.


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