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New Year, New Me! The Extraordinary People Series

An article series featuring people who dare to live differently, taking that step for the extra extra in their lives. Whether it is for an inner drive and passion, their own wellbeing or a higher cause helping others (or all at once), we present to you: the extraordinary people series.

Looking back on 2018 and forward to 2019. On that very tipping point between the old and the new; it’s not difficult to start to think of the past and what have been, as well as what potential changes and improvements to do for the future. For some people it stops there, with thoughts and fantasies of a life a little less ordinary. And possibly strategies on how to do it… but for some reason it never kicks in. Here’s a short article series for the opposites. Of some of the people who have dared to take the road less traveled; Who have had the guts to change and do something differently.


First out is Andrea Meilgaard, the 26-year-old Hyper Island Alumni working and living her dream in New York City.

The past two years has been an autobahn for this young professional. Her Digital Business studies at Hyper Island connected her with three other likeminded and together they started Agency Frank where she worked with digital strategy with an empathy driven approach. This brought Andrea one step closer to her ultimate childhood dream. She came in contact with New York based digital agency Zero Studios; a design studio that builds brands and digital experiences.

Although many of her friends and family advised her not to, she was determined to get a job in NYC at any cost. Hard work and determination pay off, thousands of emails, phone calls and hours of work put in she’s now working as one of Zero Studio’s project managers. “I believe that I am very good at emotional intelligence and I have the ability communicate and understand different people – which is something I have to do daily in my different teams. I also have the opportunity to work with a lot of different brands and thereby get to learn about different industries, which I think is really fun” Andrea tells Psstevents. Working day and night is not an understatement, on the weekends she pursues her interest in music and DJ’s at some of the bars and restaurants in Tribeca and Lower East Side.


When we ask her about her thoughts on the future she sais “For now, I just want to stay in New York and continue working and growing professionally. Next year, in addition to work, I will focus more on the music and try to play more often and to produce something. All in all, I’m trying to live as much as I can in the present, because right now my present is all I used to dream of.”.


Cheers to that Andrea! You’re a true inspiration.

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