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New Year New Me! The Extraordinary People Series pt3

An article series featuring people who dare to live differently, taking that step for the extra extra in their lives. Whether it is for an inner drive and passion, their own wellbeing or a higher cause helping others (or all at once), we present to you: the extraordinary people series, part 3.

Next up is Hugo Perlskog, freelancing DJ and Music Designer at Music in Brands. Hugo’s 2019 is all about the balance of curiosity and self-care: growing while staying true to oneself.


A few years back, Hugo was working as digital marketing manager of Nordic hardware retailer K-Rauta. He was working long hours, lecturing at universities and conferences and his career was accelerating. However, increasing even more rapidly than budgets and LinkedIn following were health issues and relationship neglect. He asked himself: “Whose definition of success do I really pursuit?” Something needed to change but what, how and when?


A One-Way-Ticket

It was with these thoughts in the back of his mind he suddenly one day did a drastic move. He quit on the day and left Sweden with no travel itinerary. No new job lined up when – if – he was to come back. The spontaneous search for rest, joy, perspective and mental space brought him to some truly random and memorable places. Rock’n’roll bars in Ukraine, mountain tops in Hawaii, couches in Amsterdam, outlaw trailer parks in the deserts of California, and floors of fight clubs in the jungles of Thailand.


Found Peace

Adventure in all its glory, but his long-sought peace was eventually found on the island of Ortigia, in Syracuse, Sicily. He ended up staying with an old Italian couple over winter. In Hugo’s own words: “Upon realizing I do not speak Italian and practically haven’t been alone with my own thoughts since birth, so I gave that a shot too. Slept, read books, ate home cooked meals, exercised, swam in the sea (winter temperatures simply invigorating for a Swede). And it truly is amazing what happens if you let it: all that previous stimuli now formulating itself as clear ideas. In short, my priorities and plan surfaced, got penned down and is leading my way to this very day.”

New Year New Me

Now Hugo works professionally with music curation which is what really gets him going. He dedicates daily time and thought to his physical and mental wellbeing and spend time with people and friends who are important to him above anything else.


Cheers to that Hugo! You’re a true inspiration. Follow Hugo on Spotify here.


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