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Paak x Dre: What We Know About the Collab

Paak x Dre will be dropping an album this upcoming month and we couldn’t be more excited. Having followed Anderson Paak since his first album Venice came out in 2015, we’ve tagged along to an exciting journey to the stars.

A few months back he revealed his current collab with living legend and producer Dr Dre, and the final product called Oxnard will come out on November 16th. The first single Tints has been released featuring no less than Kendrick Lamar. We don’t know much more about the album, nothing has leaked but another post on Paak’s Instagram the other day told us that him and Dre had ‘finished the album for a fourth time’. Life isn’t easy for perfectionists, but it sure gets good.

paak x dre in the studio

November 16! Put on alarms and make sure to get your hands on a ticket to the expected upcoming tour.

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