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Rättviseförmedlingen Shuts Down its Business

Rättviseförmedlingen, the Swedish institution working to broaden the diversity at the Swedish labour market, is about to shut down its business after almost ten years.

Everything has its time, after almost ten years of hard work, disrupting the Swedish labour market, initiating projects and what not, Rättviseförmedlingen is about to shut down its business. In their press release they describe that they’re happy to see that their methods, models and ways of thinking are being incorporated in the public as well as private sector in an immensely larger amount than before. So, the time has come to pass on the baton.


More info and accomplishments of Rättviseförmedlingen and its founder Lina Thomsgård throughout the years here.

hand rattviseformedlingen


We know, getting our eyes all wet while reading this. But don’t despair! Below are a few examples of organizations / agencies or media with a somewhat similar vision and mission:




Reform Act

Equalizer Magazine


So dig in there, Rättviseförmedlingen -lovers <3 Lead the Change. 

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