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Summer Concerts Outlined : Sweden

It’s mid July and all them concerts and festivals are lining up throughout summer. And this one seems particularly filled with goodies. Psstevents are traveling like a maniac back and forth Skåne – Stockholm and all over the country so let us cherry pick for you: the summer concerts we are looking forward to the most -outlined:

Oskar Linnros
Gotland, Fårö, Stora Gåsemora 28/7
One of our greatest: Oskar Linnros is making one of his very limited performances in Gotland this summer. At the tiny venue of Stora Gåsemora at Fårö 28th of July.

Storsjöyran festival
Östersund, 27 – 28th of July
What do Zara Larsson, Thåström and Maxida Märak have in common? Not much. But they’re all playing at the Östersund city festival Storsjöyran 27 – 28 July. See the full line up here.

Queens of Pop
Helsingborg 27th of July, Uppsala 3rd of August
This year’s newest addition to the festival supply is called Queens of Pop and it’s just what you think. Queens of Pop only; Zara Larsson, Icona Pop, Molly Sandén, Anna Ternheim, Rhys, Julia Adams to name a few.

It’s a one-day-festival, two different days and locations: Helsingborg 27th of July and Uppsala 3rd of August.

Mosebacketerassen 13th of Aug
One of the pioneers within modern soul-pop in Sweden; Titiyo is celebrating her 30-year-anniversary of her solo debut. She’s making a performance at Mosebacketerassen August 13th and we can’t wait. Tickets are out make sure to get one.

Lisa Nilsson: Himlen Runt Hörnet 25 år
Mosebacketerassen, Stockholm 15th & 16th of August
Mosebacketerassen carries on with the nostalgia-trip by booking Lisa Nilsson on the 15th of August to celebrate her 25-year-anniversary of what have become a modern cult album “Himlen Runt Hörnet”. Tickets sell out within an hour after the release so they decided to arrange an extra concert the very next day. Get your tickets here before they too go away.

For y’all who want to get your groove on straight away: get the Psstevents curated playlist made especially for our readers

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